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Even newer pillow!

17 Oct

Skull pillow with scabby looking border. The fraying of the border took an hour and the making of the case itself took about 25 minutes.


Skull pillow.



Skull pillow. Back with grey trim



Front close up



back close up



Side view.


Now I must sleep. Night all :]


Very Exciting Days!

24 Aug

Quick update. I have to go back to doing business plan stuff because I have a meeting tomorrow and I’m not happy with what I’ve done so far but I thought I’d take I’d take a minute to post some more below par photos of what I’ve been up to today in between working.

Cord Pillow! Dark purple with cream, teal and yellow beak.

Pillow on the sofa

and finally A NEW DESIGN! Well, kind of new. I’ve done this as a hand stitch in a much bigger size to go on my wall but I can’t wait to get it on some pillows and other nice things :D. Going to experiment with colours tomorrow. EXCITED!


Ok. Back to it. I’ll update again soon!


11 Jan

Been freehanding a wee outline for the skateboard. Got a few more layers to do on the tracing paper and the a big vine idea coming out the skulls with leaves etc. Oh, this will take a while.