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Even newer pillow!

17 Oct

Skull pillow with scabby looking border. The fraying of the border took an hour and the making of the case itself took about 25 minutes.


Skull pillow.



Skull pillow. Back with grey trim



Front close up



back close up



Side view.


Now I must sleep. Night all :]


New chavtastic pillow

17 Oct

I love burberry tartan.

Burberry cup cake pillow

The cupcake on the front is stuffed so it sticks out a bit. super comfy ūüėÄ

The back. Burberry trim around the edge.

View of the back from the side


5 May

I’ve never had time to get into Glee but I have it on just now and it seems quite good.

Waw. Well, it’s been a while. I’ve been in a bit of a bubble lately. Either busy or for once, relaxing. So in some flustered photo-blog style format, let me tell you what I’ve been up to.

Tea time on a lazy weekend. Eteaket. Of course.Bag from Gale

It was my birthday yesterday too. I got some lovely things.

Catch Kidston bag.

a nice wee bikini for the summer


With recipe for making cupcakes.

I also went driving yesterday and funnily enough it was the car that I crashed in 5 years ago I was driving (I wasn’t driving then). It felt good. Not driven in ages.Before that though, I was inspecting the half built fleet.

Mini's. Fleet of 2.

The no seat, no wheels saxo

High waisted funny overalls.

And finally some craft news! Just a progress report really but the pin up girl is coming along.

Progress Report

21 Mar

Some photos from my phone so the quality isn’t great.

Pin up girl bag. New embroidery project.


Skull and crossbone is finally in the frame. I'll probably keep adding to it as I get time :


Zip on the beanbag. Just a few more panels to sew up. Should be finished this week hopefully :


2am Sexy Time

15 Mar

Those who sew will know that it’s a perfect time to listen to some new music, throw on a DVD or simply just catch up on some missed television. On¬† Saturday night, I done just that and by God did it take a turn for the strange.

It was 2am on Sunday morning and I was tired. I hadn’t tried¬†to sleep¬†because I knew¬†what a waste of time it would be. Lucky for me my friends also seem to spend their Saturday nights hauled up on MSN.¬† My lawyer-to-be friend Dave (as mentioned in previous posts) was on. He knows I love documentaries so linked me through to what can only be describe as a jaw dropping tale of a 26 year old man on a mission to lose his virginity.

Virgin Schools was initially broadcast at midnight back in 2007 on Channel 4.  It follows 26 year old James, who has given up all hope of ever having sex or a meaningful relationship with a woman. Determined to rid of his virginity and gain some confidence, he embarks on a on a unique four-month course in Amsterdam for sexually inexperienced men. 

The course is designed to give men sexual confidence and if enough progress is made, participants could even end up losing his virginity to one of the sex therapist coaches.

On that alone, the film sounded like an intreuging¬†watch but as it delves deeper into Jame’s life and his phycological¬†hang ups, it soon becomes aparent¬†where all his paranoia stems from. It’s a complete rollercoaster¬†to watch¬†because apart from the scenes that will make you cringe like never before (I actually screamed¬†whilst laughing¬†at one point as¬†I was so shocked at how much he allowed to be filmed) James is very frank about everything in his life, leaving you upset, humored and¬†sympathetic all at once.¬†

I don’t want to ruin the ending for you (?!) but watch out for key scene involving the ‘toe curling’ moment and his sexy striptease.¬†

find out more and watch Virgin Schools on 4OD here.

Some Late Night Sewing.

26 Jan

I’ve watched 2 films and an Episode of The Office. I didn’t realise what time it was. I had it in my head it was only 9.30?! Got to work on my next sewing adventure though.

Wall hanging. Bigger piece. Challenge.

Also may have hinted at a few valentines presents. All from Marks and Spencer. Of course.

The Weekend.

25 Jan

No photos today ūüė¶

The weekend was pleasantly quiet. Saturday I went to a nice wee cafe called cafeblush in Morningside and had a beast of a ham and pesto Panini. Round Panini too. Thats a new one on me.

After, I spent the afternoon in my pjammas working and also writing up some tutorials for my site. So far I’ve done a guide to stenciling and also to painting custom skate decks. How exciting!

Sunday, I finished my cushion with the Swallow/anchor pattern and also made a start on a big embroidery wall piece. I was going to keep it for myself but I think I’ll sell it (it it’s good enough). I’m still waiting on my machine arriving. Come on Come on!

I’ve been getting through a lot of work but it’s just pulling everything together to finish something. I’m useless at it and it bugs me. I’ve several things on the go that just need that one last push and they will be finished. It’s my weakest point and I need to get a grip and get things done. So to try combat this I’ve developed a relationship with Red Bull and have been staying up late to work. Also, I’m getting work done on the Muckle Sandwich website tonight and have a goal that I plan to meet before I allow myself to go to sleep.

Why is finishing things such a problem these days? Sigh

I May Or May Not Have

19 Jan

just put a deposit down on this…

Brother 750 embroidery machine

Here are the stats:

  • 180mm x130mm embroidery area
  • 136 built-in embroidery designs
  • 650 stitches per minute embroidery speed
  • Back lit LCD Touch Screen
  • Automatic thread cutting
  • Quick set bobbin and bobbin sensor

I’m officially becoming even more of a hermit than I already am.

A break From The Sewing

11 Jan

What a fun weekend. I got to see loads of friends and spend time with them all, which is rare! Dinner on Friday, some DIY and hang time on Saturday and Ice hockey on Sunday.

Here’s a couple of pictures from Lake Monteith, (Scotland’s only lake – and yes, it’s a lake, not a loch). It’s frozen over completely so curlers, skaters, sledgers, and anyone who likes ice were all down enjoying the experience.

Standing out on the lake looking back at the hotel

Everyone walking on the lake.

getting my skates and gloves on

getting some passing action going


Ok, back to crafting. Got some cool things to do. Finally decided what I’ll do with the skateboard but also I’m making a start on a big stitch project and making a bean bag. Busy times.

Cushion Cover Outline Complete

8 Jan

Sitting on the train and being delayed for a couple of hours meant I got this outline finished really fast.

I’m going to colour in the anchor at the weekend and sew it up into another cushion cover. Cushion covered out my face these days.