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Even newer pillow!

17 Oct

Skull pillow with scabby looking border. The fraying of the border took an hour and the making of the case itself took about 25 minutes.


Skull pillow.



Skull pillow. Back with grey trim



Front close up



back close up



Side view.


Now I must sleep. Night all :]


New chavtastic pillow

17 Oct

I love burberry tartan.

Burberry cup cake pillow

The cupcake on the front is stuffed so it sticks out a bit. super comfy 😀

The back. Burberry trim around the edge.

View of the back from the side

New Project

5 Jan

I’ve started a new cushion. I love this dark red colour, it goes really well with cream. Got some other bits and pieces I want to add to this one and with 4 hours of travel tomorrow, I’ve got more than enough time to get through this prety fast.