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Newt Pillow!

27 Oct

Jason’s been on at me to make him a pillow or 2 for his room. I don’t have the colours he wants right now so I made a quick alternative. I am totally LOVING tartan and wool mix fabric right now, probably because it’s winter.

I’ve also been making badges for giving away with purchases:

I’m going to try launch my blog at the weekend and the shop the week after. That way I’ve made my target of opening before November and also, it’s pretty much ready. I photographed all my pillows on Sunday night so I just need to edit and upload.

OK, gotta grab a shower and look out some WordPress stuff for placement tomorrow. Later.


Even newer pillow!

17 Oct

Skull pillow with scabby looking border. The fraying of the border took an hour and the making of the case itself took about 25 minutes.


Skull pillow.



Skull pillow. Back with grey trim



Front close up



back close up



Side view.


Now I must sleep. Night all :]

New Scarf

17 May

Cathy and I made a new scarf last week. We’ve got a couple more to do to try out some new materials but here’s some photos:

Gotta go to work now.


5 May

I’ve never had time to get into Glee but I have it on just now and it seems quite good.

Waw. Well, it’s been a while. I’ve been in a bit of a bubble lately. Either busy or for once, relaxing. So in some flustered photo-blog style format, let me tell you what I’ve been up to.

Tea time on a lazy weekend. Eteaket. Of course.Bag from Gale

It was my birthday yesterday too. I got some lovely things.

Catch Kidston bag.

a nice wee bikini for the summer


With recipe for making cupcakes.

I also went driving yesterday and funnily enough it was the car that I crashed in 5 years ago I was driving (I wasn’t driving then). It felt good. Not driven in ages.Before that though, I was inspecting the half built fleet.

Mini's. Fleet of 2.

The no seat, no wheels saxo

High waisted funny overalls.

And finally some craft news! Just a progress report really but the pin up girl is coming along.

Holy Crap…

12 Apr

I’ve not updated in so long. Partly due to WordPress now being blocked and at work (so I can’t do my usual lunchtime post) and also because lately I’ve had a social life! Hurrah. It’s actually been so nice to see people and go out and catch up.

Here’s a wee screen grab of the workings of vinouveau.co.uk. The holding page is up for now but the site is very much underway. Zoe and Fi have been working really hard on their clothing so I can’t wait untill it launches. Zoe has also been hand drawing amazing vintage inspired illustrations to decorate these pages with and I can’t wait to get them into the site!

Vi Nouveau. 1 of 4 layout drafts.

I’ve made a load of plans lately. Slamdunk festival in May with loads of my best friends, Europe road trip in July and Blink 182 in August. That amongst the sun and weekend plans of Frisby and meadows., I couldn’t be happier :]

Some Late Night Sewing.

26 Jan

I’ve watched 2 films and an Episode of The Office. I didn’t realise what time it was. I had it in my head it was only 9.30?! Got to work on my next sewing adventure though.

Wall hanging. Bigger piece. Challenge.

Also may have hinted at a few valentines presents. All from Marks and Spencer. Of course.


26 Jan

I think we can all accept that even if the snow has disappeared, it’s still so cold. High street sales figures increased in January and I have a feeling it’s down to people snapping up all the bargains from the winter season sales to keep warm. But who needs the high street when you can have the hand crafted creations of Lulette.


Lulette swas started in 2003 by Diane Naegeland has since been creating custom knitted scarfs. Her site, Lulette.com offers the choice of pre made designs or being able to requested your own design (both text and graphics).


Birds Of A Feather

20 Jan

Just seen this really cute Bracelet in the sale over at All things original Check out their site for more great fashion and interiors creations.

Birds Of A Feather by Eclectic Eccentricity

I May Or May Not Have

19 Jan

just put a deposit down on this…

Brother 750 embroidery machine

Here are the stats:

  • 180mm x130mm embroidery area
  • 136 built-in embroidery designs
  • 650 stitches per minute embroidery speed
  • Back lit LCD Touch Screen
  • Automatic thread cutting
  • Quick set bobbin and bobbin sensor

I’m officially becoming even more of a hermit than I already am.

Cupcake Times

14 Jan

It was Steff’s last day at work today. Her big sister made these cupcakes for the team and they were amazing. Loved the cardboard extra on the case. Never seen them before :]