Wednesday Oh Wednesday

1 Sep

Sitting at Arthur Seat on Sunday post duck feed.

I made a point of not checking emails or doing anything over the bank holiday weekend. It was a really weird feeling because I hate having nothing to do but I think it was needed. Back to reality though and things are moving along swiftly today. I’m pretty pleased with the amount of work I’ve managed to get done so far.

I got up at 7am and walked to Bean Scene to get breakfast, my morning tea and some writing done. Ended up staying there over 2 hours because I was, as they say, in the zone. I think I’ll probably go back tomorrow morning and make a habit of it since it’s a great way to start the day.

Back home about 12.00 and since then have finished my business plan draft – something that has taken me a long time. I now just need to re work a couple of sections to make them sound better before sending it off. It’s massive weight off of my shoulders because, when people say starting up is the hardest part, they are so right. I’ve learned so much about what’s involved in starting a business and I’ve only dipped my toes into the water so far. I’ve never done so many calculations, costing or spreadsheets in excel in my life. It’s interesting to see how much things really cost though as I’ve been making stuff for years and buying my material without a thought regarding the price. now I’ll be more careful since every penny counts.

This afternoon and for the rest of the evening I’ve been working on the design for the blog.  I’ve given myself a deadline to get the new blog up by. It’s also going to have a shop to I can start selling my cushions online. Hurrah! From there a  full site will be created which I hope will be something you should want to visit regularly. I’m bursting with ideas to put on it and can’t wait to get it going. Expect new products, videos, tutorials, articles, everything!

Tea cup is empty. I’m off to put the kettle on. A more informative post about some cool recommendations tomorrow.


Very Exciting Days!

24 Aug

Quick update. I have to go back to doing business plan stuff because I have a meeting tomorrow and I’m not happy with what I’ve done so far but I thought I’d take I’d take a minute to post some more below par photos of what I’ve been up to today in between working.

Cord Pillow! Dark purple with cream, teal and yellow beak.

Pillow on the sofa

and finally A NEW DESIGN! Well, kind of new. I’ve done this as a hand stitch in a much bigger size to go on my wall but I can’t wait to get it on some pillows and other nice things :D. Going to experiment with colours tomorrow. EXCITED!


Ok. Back to it. I’ll update again soon!

Are You Sick Of It Yet?

23 Aug

I am a bit. The design I mean. I’ve got a new one to send away tonight so I’ll hopefully have that by Wednesday so I can sew up some new pieces but today I tried a new envelope style cushion pattern just to see how long it would take and if it really is better than my previous patterns. I think it is :]

Blackberry photos. I broke my promise :[

Todays workspace. Going mobile.


Black and grey detail

Back of the pillow. Envelope style

LUNCH at the JLP.


21 Aug

It’s been a good few days. Apart from the usual driving lessons and work, I’ve been busy on a new design for some pillows. Its taking a while to make digital though because it’s quite a bit bigger than the swallow in the previous post. speaking of which…

I used the swallow to try out embroidering onto some vinyl. It turned out ok but not up to the standard of something I’d sell. It might be something to do with the tension of the thread since it kept getting a bit tangled when the machine was working away. Either way, I think with some work I could get these bags looking a bit better and with some cooler colours.

Here’s some photos from my phone for the last time! Jason found my Canon camera in his house so good pictures from now on!

Adding the zip to the case.

Finally, Vi Nouveau is near completion. So Exciting! Zoe and Fi have started selling their lovely vintage wears so you need to head on over and check them out. They are such talented ladies!

Up early tomorrow. Like 7am early. Night!

Oh oh! one more thing. I joined up to foursquare! If you’re on it then add me at:

New Swallow Stitch Up

12 Aug

Another long day but here’s a wee practice I done of a swallow that I’m going to put on a few cushions or my blackberry case or something.

It should actually be in 3 colours, none of them that are in the photo either but I didn’t have as many threads as I thought it turned out. Looks like another trip to the shops when I get back from Liverpool.

Any Way…

I drew this up quickly in Illustrator to get an estimate of how many stitches it would be and how long a 4 inch pattern would take. 9,130 it would seem.

Digital pattern with stitches, colours and other fun stats.

In progress

Final outcome. Couple of bits I'd like to tidy up but other than that, I think it turned out quite well.

I know, I know. More photos taken on my Blackberry. My proper camera has been M.I.A since I got back from Europe. I’ll find it soon. Promise.


A Mini Makeover…

11 Aug

I just got home. It’s about midnight. I’ve been out all day driving, to the sewing shop, to another sewing shop and then out to the workshop with Jevans to do some sewing onto his mini interior.

The mini has been the project of the last couple of months and since all of the inside has been ripped out, rebuilt and re-upholstered with leather, some of the words and pictures are missing from the controls, so I got my embroidery machine out to test some fonts onto the leather. I’ll keep posting the progress of the car and my work on it as it’s done but for now, here’s some pictures from today and what’s been done so far.

In the workshop taking up a lot of room on the benches.

One of the panels for the boot with shelf that Jevans built and lined.

Some test fonts onto the leather (before cutting the excess thread off to tidy them up). Turns out the thread I was using frays easily so I need to change it for something a bit stronger. All the writing on the dashboard will eventually look like the samples on the right.

Boot of the mini built back up and now covered in leather.

Work in progress dashboard.

I’m going to be moving all my posts over to a new, re skinned and lovely looking blog soon which I’m excited about. Really tired though so I best be off to sleep. New pattern to get sewn out tomorrow evening so expect more pictures then.

New Scarf

17 May

Cathy and I made a new scarf last week. We’ve got a couple more to do to try out some new materials but here’s some photos:

Gotta go to work now.


5 May

I’ve never had time to get into Glee but I have it on just now and it seems quite good.

Waw. Well, it’s been a while. I’ve been in a bit of a bubble lately. Either busy or for once, relaxing. So in some flustered photo-blog style format, let me tell you what I’ve been up to.

Tea time on a lazy weekend. Eteaket. Of course.Bag from Gale

It was my birthday yesterday too. I got some lovely things.

Catch Kidston bag.

a nice wee bikini for the summer


With recipe for making cupcakes.

I also went driving yesterday and funnily enough it was the car that I crashed in 5 years ago I was driving (I wasn’t driving then). It felt good. Not driven in ages.Before that though, I was inspecting the half built fleet.

Mini's. Fleet of 2.

The no seat, no wheels saxo

High waisted funny overalls.

And finally some craft news! Just a progress report really but the pin up girl is coming along.

Vi Nouveau Material Swatch

27 Apr

I’ve been doing more material swatches tonight. I found a couple of suppliers so after i decide on some final designs I need to get my email on and get some prices :]

Here’s a wee things I knocked up using the Vi nouveau logo

Tonight we Jack’s Mannequin!

25 Apr

I am so tired. Still have some sewing to do as well.

I’ve always wanted a Jack’s Mannequin tee but never bought one. I made one instead.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Hand drawn, cut and painted. And now I sleep.
Big update with loads of stuff this week.