Week 8…and 9, I think

15 Oct

Waw. The last 2 weeks have been mental. Last Wednesday and Thursday were a bit of a write off progress-wise on my website because I passed my driving test really early on Wednesday morning so I spent the next two days looking at cars and driving places I could probably have walked to quicker. What can I say, I’m an environmental mess…




I’m so pleased I passed though, not only because I can obviously now drive on my own but because I wouldn’t be able to afford more lessons and the test again whilst working part time. It cost so much! It will definitely be handy though when I get out and start selling on stalls in Edinburgh and Glasgow..

So after wanting to get back to work, it seemed that nothing wanted to work for me. First my embroidery machine broke down so had to be taken away for a week (along with £130!) and then the internet went down for a week too so I was really frustrated at how little I could get on with. I used the time to start writing articles for the magazine section of the site though. I’ve got a massive list of cool companies/fashions/items that I want to write about for launching it so it was great to have some content to get into the site.

Thankfully, things picked up this week and I’ve definitely made up for a bit of lost time by having 2 really late nights working on my shop and spending the days sewing. I’m so indecisive when it comes to look and feel for websites and I do spend hours trying out new ideas but by 3am Wednesday morning I got the colours and look the way I wanted. Here’s some screen grabs from bits of the process. It’s not finished and could still change.


I started with this. I'd basically just decided on the template for the shop front and experimented with how much I could customize. Turns out - all of it.



Picked a background. Really liked it but thought it was a bit much. Another working title.



Created the custom form mock up and altered the background a bit. Name change to final name.



had a change of heart on that background and colour scheme.



I also skinned the Culture Phox. A small magazine linked to from the shop to talk about creative types and cool inspiration.


I’ve also started to get my labels designed and take pictures of cushions for the galleries and products. EXCITING.

Tired. Some crap comedy is on and I’m snuggled up with Ringo and a coffee. So until next week…


One Response to “Week 8…and 9, I think”

  1. Rani October 28, 2010 at 8:36 am #

    I can’t wait to see your shop Gina!

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