Week 6

22 Sep

Packages have started to arrive.

It’s Wednesday today and it’s been a bit of a slow one. I was up early and got in touch with Reg 123 about my DNS settings for my site (technical riff raff I have no idea about!) I’ve been having a problem linking up my shop to the domain I bought. Anyway – Reg123 got back to me and said I’ve set it up properly so I had to go to Shopify and get them to help me, which they did and in record time (they answered and fixed my problem in 30 minutes! – amazing service!). I hadn’t added my URL to my preferences. DAM! One totally simple thing that I needed to do. It didn’t say in the shopify support forums so I was completely stuck. Oh well – it put my plans back a few days but that’s ok – all sorted now so it means I can spend tonight tidying up my blog, setting up a Twitter and putting that section live. YAS.

Some of the material I ordered has arrived. I opened 4 packages last night and it felt like Christmas. I’m just waiting on 3 more packages now and I can’t wait to get started making some pillows. If everything is here by tomorrow then that’s what I’ll be doing for the next wee while.

This weeks work from home lesson: Listen to the online radio or make itunes genius your new best friend. search for online radio stations and pick your genre of choice. It saves time spending ages picking what to listen too! After 4 years I still switch onto Idobi radio for some nostalgic music from the teenage years!


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