Week 4

22 Sep

Woohoo! Sewing machine times! This week was awesome. I got to do so many things. What made it feel productive though was that I handed my business plan in for review. It’s definitely going to come back and need amendments (and I know this because I got stuck on a couple of questions) but that fact I’ve finished a draft makes me happy.

My relationship with the admin side of doing this is slowly getting better. To start with I hated it because lets be honest, it’s not the most creative thing but the more I do it, the more interesting it gets. I’ve never really taken notice of the price of raw materials or the thought of something like cash flow but it’s a good habbit to get into. It’s also a great way to get to know suppliers. I sent a few emails to trades places to find out some minimum orders stats and timescales and I’m amazed with how much I can save and how fast everything can be delievered! Result.

I also got to work on a custom pillow I’ve been asked to make. I can’t talk too much about it as it’s someones Christmas gift  but I drew up the measurements and pattern on Thursday and ordered the material. I can’t wait to get started making it. A little nervous since I’ve made the pattern and I can’t mess it up or else I’ll need to buy more material but it’s exciting. I’ll post some pictures as I go on my other blog.

This weeks work from home lesson: Never have bad food in the house. I’ve started buying monkey nuts for snacking and left all signs of chocolate and crisps back in Tesco. I snack A LOT when I work at home and if I had it there, I’d be piling on the pounds so fast right now.


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