Week 3

22 Sep

I feel like I’ve made some proper headway this week. I made all of the decisions I was dreading in terms of how I’m going to build and maintain my site and run my shop. I’d spent weeks researching the options available to people who wants to get their E-commerce game on. Apart from the obvious choices like eBay and Esty (both of which I quickly dismissed for a number of reasons), there’s wordpress plugins, Joomla development packages, Drupal, Shopify, the list goes on. I read up about all of them as well as firing links around everyone I know for a second opinion before making my choice. I know this doesn’t sound terribly strenuous but as I’m itching to get back behind a sewing machine I just wanted to make the decision and get to work on it.

By Thursday, I was knee deep in templates, colours pallets and post it notes with possible company names (yes – I still do things the old fashioned way – pen and paper. I even still carry a big paper diary that has one of those rulers you mark the day with. What can I say, I’ll never change in that respect). I’d set up my online store and was working on the customisation. This bit takes me the longest because I have so many ideas for layout and colour and I’m never happy. The afternoon was really productive but by 6pm I got the lonely bug and needed to get out. There’s nothing worse than feeling lonely and sitting in front of the pc all day.

This weeks work from home lesson:
Always make sure you go and visit at least one person. Sit and have a chat, grab a drink or simply go for a walk. Just remember to communicate on the days you work alone. And no, facebook does not count!


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