Article writing and costing

2 Sep

It’s LOVELY outside. In my head summer is over and I actually have tights on under my trousers because I hate being cold but today the sun is shining and I have taken over the window table of Bean Scene to get on with some work whilst people watching.

This mornings office view.

I’ve just finished writing my first draft of my piece for the new Aaron Petz book. The concept of the book is to see the “Things” (also the title) that people find to be of importance. I’ve sat on this for quite a while because I found it really hard to pick one specific thing, I have too many. The materialistic me loves my Blackberry and my Macbook, the sentimental me loves my boyfriend and the creative me loves my sewing machines. I also initially wanted to write about something happy but the emotional me took over and I ended up choosing a dairy-come-sketchbook I kept from 2008 until now. It’s been quite a hard piece to write because the book in question actually makes for some horrible reading but that’s what brings out the most emotion in me which is the whole idea at the end of the day. I used to carry the book everywhere but since I’m so scared of losing it, it’s now safe in my house under many other sketchbooks and diaries. I’ll post a link to where you can buy the book when it’s out.

After Finishing breakfast I’m off to print some more business plan out and also cost up some new fabric which is exciting! I’m also going to try send a new design away to get on pillows because all this number crunching has left me feeling somewhat uncreative.

I helped make sushi last night in an attempt to like the stuff and get over an irrational childhood fear. I failed…and made a bowl of chips instead. How common.

More later, for now you should check out this lovely website: The brainchild of an anatomically obsessed illustrator who loves internal organs and all they do.


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