Newt Pillow!

27 Oct

Jason’s been on at me to make him a pillow or 2 for his room. I don’t have the colours he wants right now so I made a quick alternative. I am totally LOVING tartan and wool mix fabric right now, probably because it’s winter.

I’ve also been making badges for giving away with purchases:

I’m going to try launch my blog at the weekend and the shop the week after. That way I’ve made my target of opening before November and also, it’s pretty much ready. I photographed all my pillows on Sunday night so I just need to edit and upload.

OK, gotta grab a shower and look out some WordPress stuff for placement tomorrow. Later.


Even newer pillow!

17 Oct

Skull pillow with scabby looking border. The fraying of the border took an hour and the making of the case itself took about 25 minutes.


Skull pillow.



Skull pillow. Back with grey trim



Front close up



back close up



Side view.


Now I must sleep. Night all :]

New chavtastic pillow

17 Oct

I love burberry tartan.

Burberry cup cake pillow

The cupcake on the front is stuffed so it sticks out a bit. super comfy 😀

The back. Burberry trim around the edge.

View of the back from the side

Week 8…and 9, I think

15 Oct

Waw. The last 2 weeks have been mental. Last Wednesday and Thursday were a bit of a write off progress-wise on my website because I passed my driving test really early on Wednesday morning so I spent the next two days looking at cars and driving places I could probably have walked to quicker. What can I say, I’m an environmental mess…




I’m so pleased I passed though, not only because I can obviously now drive on my own but because I wouldn’t be able to afford more lessons and the test again whilst working part time. It cost so much! It will definitely be handy though when I get out and start selling on stalls in Edinburgh and Glasgow..

So after wanting to get back to work, it seemed that nothing wanted to work for me. First my embroidery machine broke down so had to be taken away for a week (along with £130!) and then the internet went down for a week too so I was really frustrated at how little I could get on with. I used the time to start writing articles for the magazine section of the site though. I’ve got a massive list of cool companies/fashions/items that I want to write about for launching it so it was great to have some content to get into the site.

Thankfully, things picked up this week and I’ve definitely made up for a bit of lost time by having 2 really late nights working on my shop and spending the days sewing. I’m so indecisive when it comes to look and feel for websites and I do spend hours trying out new ideas but by 3am Wednesday morning I got the colours and look the way I wanted. Here’s some screen grabs from bits of the process. It’s not finished and could still change.


I started with this. I'd basically just decided on the template for the shop front and experimented with how much I could customize. Turns out - all of it.



Picked a background. Really liked it but thought it was a bit much. Another working title.



Created the custom form mock up and altered the background a bit. Name change to final name.



had a change of heart on that background and colour scheme.



I also skinned the Culture Phox. A small magazine linked to from the shop to talk about creative types and cool inspiration.


I’ve also started to get my labels designed and take pictures of cushions for the galleries and products. EXCITING.

Tired. Some crap comedy is on and I’m snuggled up with Ringo and a coffee. So until next week…

Week 8…or 9

14 Oct

Here’s some new cushions I’ve worked on the last couple of days. Now I’m going to go to Jasons, hop into bed and write a proper post for this blog with a cup of tea but until then, enjoy.


Cupcake pillow with fleecy back

Wool mix pillow with embroidered skull

Close up of embroider and material


Ok, time to wrap up. Back soon with screen grabs of my new blog and site construction process 😀



New Design Just In…

22 Sep

I say ‘just in’,  it was in yesterday but I hadn’t gotten round to finishing the amendments off. My friend Ross drew this for me about 2/3 years ago and I was going through my computer and thought it’d look great sewn up on some material. I’ll be trying it on loads of stuff at the weekend no doubt. Here’s a wee sneak look though…

Dead cassette

Now to finally make some dinner and see what all the fuss about that 7 Days show is about.

Week 6

22 Sep

Packages have started to arrive.

It’s Wednesday today and it’s been a bit of a slow one. I was up early and got in touch with Reg 123 about my DNS settings for my site (technical riff raff I have no idea about!) I’ve been having a problem linking up my shop to the domain I bought. Anyway – Reg123 got back to me and said I’ve set it up properly so I had to go to Shopify and get them to help me, which they did and in record time (they answered and fixed my problem in 30 minutes! – amazing service!). I hadn’t added my URL to my preferences. DAM! One totally simple thing that I needed to do. It didn’t say in the shopify support forums so I was completely stuck. Oh well – it put my plans back a few days but that’s ok – all sorted now so it means I can spend tonight tidying up my blog, setting up a Twitter and putting that section live. YAS.

Some of the material I ordered has arrived. I opened 4 packages last night and it felt like Christmas. I’m just waiting on 3 more packages now and I can’t wait to get started making some pillows. If everything is here by tomorrow then that’s what I’ll be doing for the next wee while.

This weeks work from home lesson: Listen to the online radio or make itunes genius your new best friend. search for online radio stations and pick your genre of choice. It saves time spending ages picking what to listen too! After 4 years I still switch onto Idobi radio for some nostalgic music from the teenage years!

Week 4

22 Sep

Woohoo! Sewing machine times! This week was awesome. I got to do so many things. What made it feel productive though was that I handed my business plan in for review. It’s definitely going to come back and need amendments (and I know this because I got stuck on a couple of questions) but that fact I’ve finished a draft makes me happy.

My relationship with the admin side of doing this is slowly getting better. To start with I hated it because lets be honest, it’s not the most creative thing but the more I do it, the more interesting it gets. I’ve never really taken notice of the price of raw materials or the thought of something like cash flow but it’s a good habbit to get into. It’s also a great way to get to know suppliers. I sent a few emails to trades places to find out some minimum orders stats and timescales and I’m amazed with how much I can save and how fast everything can be delievered! Result.

I also got to work on a custom pillow I’ve been asked to make. I can’t talk too much about it as it’s someones Christmas gift  but I drew up the measurements and pattern on Thursday and ordered the material. I can’t wait to get started making it. A little nervous since I’ve made the pattern and I can’t mess it up or else I’ll need to buy more material but it’s exciting. I’ll post some pictures as I go on my other blog.

This weeks work from home lesson: Never have bad food in the house. I’ve started buying monkey nuts for snacking and left all signs of chocolate and crisps back in Tesco. I snack A LOT when I work at home and if I had it there, I’d be piling on the pounds so fast right now.

Week 3

22 Sep

I feel like I’ve made some proper headway this week. I made all of the decisions I was dreading in terms of how I’m going to build and maintain my site and run my shop. I’d spent weeks researching the options available to people who wants to get their E-commerce game on. Apart from the obvious choices like eBay and Esty (both of which I quickly dismissed for a number of reasons), there’s wordpress plugins, Joomla development packages, Drupal, Shopify, the list goes on. I read up about all of them as well as firing links around everyone I know for a second opinion before making my choice. I know this doesn’t sound terribly strenuous but as I’m itching to get back behind a sewing machine I just wanted to make the decision and get to work on it.

By Thursday, I was knee deep in templates, colours pallets and post it notes with possible company names (yes – I still do things the old fashioned way – pen and paper. I even still carry a big paper diary that has one of those rulers you mark the day with. What can I say, I’ll never change in that respect). I’d set up my online store and was working on the customisation. This bit takes me the longest because I have so many ideas for layout and colour and I’m never happy. The afternoon was really productive but by 6pm I got the lonely bug and needed to get out. There’s nothing worse than feeling lonely and sitting in front of the pc all day.

This weeks work from home lesson:
Always make sure you go and visit at least one person. Sit and have a chat, grab a drink or simply go for a walk. Just remember to communicate on the days you work alone. And no, facebook does not count!

Article writing and costing

2 Sep

It’s LOVELY outside. In my head summer is over and I actually have tights on under my trousers because I hate being cold but today the sun is shining and I have taken over the window table of Bean Scene to get on with some work whilst people watching.

This mornings office view.

I’ve just finished writing my first draft of my piece for the new Aaron Petz book. The concept of the book is to see the “Things” (also the title) that people find to be of importance. I’ve sat on this for quite a while because I found it really hard to pick one specific thing, I have too many. The materialistic me loves my Blackberry and my Macbook, the sentimental me loves my boyfriend and the creative me loves my sewing machines. I also initially wanted to write about something happy but the emotional me took over and I ended up choosing a dairy-come-sketchbook I kept from 2008 until now. It’s been quite a hard piece to write because the book in question actually makes for some horrible reading but that’s what brings out the most emotion in me which is the whole idea at the end of the day. I used to carry the book everywhere but since I’m so scared of losing it, it’s now safe in my house under many other sketchbooks and diaries. I’ll post a link to where you can buy the book when it’s out.

After Finishing breakfast I’m off to print some more business plan out and also cost up some new fabric which is exciting! I’m also going to try send a new design away to get on pillows because all this number crunching has left me feeling somewhat uncreative.

I helped make sushi last night in an attempt to like the stuff and get over an irrational childhood fear. I failed…and made a bowl of chips instead. How common.

More later, for now you should check out this lovely website: The brainchild of an anatomically obsessed illustrator who loves internal organs and all they do.